May 21, 2016

When one of your very best friends is this gorgeous two weeks before her due date you most definitely need to make sure there are photos to document.  I mean seriously.  I cannot wait to cuddle this little girl and watch parenthood envelop these two.  But for now, enjoy the sweet anticipation of the giant unknown that is the weeks before your first born comes into the world.  I’ve got my pack and play all ready for lovely baby naps when they visit.    KCB photography_0590 KCB photography_0592 KCB photography_0593 KCB photography_0579 KCB photography_0575 KCB photography_0577 KCB photography_0576KCB photography_0578KCB photography_0580 KCB photography_0581 KCB photography_0582 KCB photography_0583 KCB photography_0584 KCB photography_0585 KCB photography_0586 KCB photography_0587 KCB photography_0588 KCB photography_0589 KCB photography_0591 KCB photography_0594