Addison’s 7th Birthday celebration was a huge success!  Every year I try to talk her into ice skating, bowling, gymnastics or some other location that takes the chaos far away from our home.  And every year she talks me into transforming our rooms into a party place.  She likes to be home and wants to celebrate with friends in her space.  It’s hard to say no.  The carnival theme is such a fun one to explore!  The color, activities and really just the carnival crazy.

For a craft (who doesn’t love a good craft?!!) the kids decorated their own party hats.  Easy and so much fun.
2015-02-24_0001 2015-02-24_0002 2015-02-24_0003 I’m not usually a big vintage buyer, but those little clowns from Penny Lane Vintage  just make me happy.  I kind of want to leave them out all year long.  They were definitely the perfect compliment to the fabulous desserts by Jenny Cookies.  The popcorn box cookies were my absolute favorite!  Baking is not something I excel at so I am always delighted to see her wonderful creations.     2015-02-24_0004 2015-02-24_0006Jenny Cookies2015-02-24_0008What’s a carnival without a clown?  I think she makes the cutest clown on the block.  Big giant, huge thanks to my mom who made a custom clown costume for the birthday girl.
KCB photography

So excited to greet her guests!

2015-02-24_00152015-02-24_00052015-02-24_0009Clown nose cake pops made for a really terrific Photo Booth prop.  And the backdrop from Drop it Modern almost makes me want to paint red & white stripes on the wall it was so perfect.
2015-02-24_0010 KCB photography

A+ for effort and yet darn near impossible to blow up the balloon animal balloons without a pump.  The kids had a blast trying to create their own balloon circus animals.   I mastered the snake.2015-02-24_0014

2015-02-24_0016 2015-02-24_0017 2015-02-24_0018I am often in awe of the talents of others.  My cousin is an incredible artist and when I asked her to use her talents for face painting she completely rocked it!  I was thinking hearts and flowers and she was thinking fabulous elaborate works of art.  Love her.

2015-02-24_0019 2015-02-24_0028KCB photography2015-02-24_0020KCB photographyKCB photography

Surprise silly string attack may or may not have left the two littles crying, but I’m going to say it was worth it.  2015-02-24_0024KCB photography

2015-02-24_00262015-02-24_0027Carnival Birthday partyKCB photographyCarnival birthday partyHappy Birthday Addison!  Looking forward to what you dream up for next year’s party.  At a park.  Or pool.  Or the zoo….

Feb 17, 2015
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We’ll get to baby Graham, but first we can’t ignore the super cute 2 year old who is working out this new role of big sister with a little sass and a whole lot of cowgirl cute.  Seattle Newborn Photographer 2015-02-16_0002 I love this.  For me it sort of wraps up that whole ‘new baby really isn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be’ reaction.  Like  animals circling in the wild trying to understand each other.  2015-02-16_0003 2015-02-16_0004 2015-02-16_0005 Those are some seriously lovely lips.  Sweet dreams little man.Seattle Newborn 2015-02-16_0007 2015-02-16_0008Newborn photos offer the chance to give a gift to parents.  The telling of the beginning of a story that is theirs.  I truly love the sweet relationship in the early days where sleep and hygiene are luxuries, but you can take a moment and just play with fingers & toes and marvel that your family has grown.
2015-02-16_0009 2015-02-16_0010 2015-02-16_0011 This airplane nursery has so many special touches.  Flight gear, maps & flight book from Great Grandpa, an authentic propeller and handmade with love by mom.  2015-02-16_0012 2015-02-16_0013 2015-02-16_0014 2015-02-16_0015 2015-02-16_0016 2015-02-16_0017 2015-02-16_0018 2015-02-16_0019 My favorite.  2015-02-16_0020 Seattle newborn

I feel like I need to let you in on a secret.  It’s just something that seems to come up a lot and each time it makes me excited, fills me with anticipation and genuinely renews my love relationship with photography.  It is every time I meet a couple and one or both of them tells me how much they don’t like having their picture taken.  I know those statements are always fraught with background. Bad experiences, insecurities, shyness, plus about a million other possibilities.  And you know what?  I’m not different.   But the true gift is when I can look through a session and instead of seeing each of the two as individuals I only see them as a couple. The relationship and love that they share is louder than any believed imperfections.  That connection is what I love.  I look at these photos and I see joy, connection, love and a two very beautiful people.  Thanks for dodging the rain and enjoying the moment with me Archie & Erika.  I look forward to your wedding!

2015-01-20_0002 2015-01-20_0003 2015-01-20_0004 2015-01-20_0005 2015-01-20_0006 2015-01-20_0007 2015-01-20_0008 2015-01-20_0009 2015-01-20_0010 2015-01-20_0011 2015-01-20_0013 2015-01-20_0014 2015-01-20_0015 2015-01-20_0016 2015-01-20_0017 2015-01-20_0018 2015-01-20_0019 2015-01-20_0020 2015-01-20_0021 2015-01-20_0022 2015-01-20_0023 2015-01-20_0024 2015-01-20_0025

Just finished up the first day of the Northwest Bridal Show.  It was definitely a rocky start as I showed up and all of my photos that I had hung the night before were in a heap on the floor.  So sad.  However, in the face of some serious frustration (it fell 4 more times after I hung it back up with various brainstormed ideas) the kindhearted people at the Casino brought out these four easels and help me set it all back up.  I realize it wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my morning playing out, but it is seriously heart warming when others are so kind, helpful and cheerful in their thoughtfulness.  I was invading space and giving out hugs like crazy.   My wonderful good friend (and former bride) Dana came out to help me woo the brides and in the end it was a great day.  I do love hearing the stories, questions, and excitement from brides working out all the details to make their day fabulous.  Cheers to a fun first day and on to the next.


KCB photography Northwest Wedding Show 2015-01-17_0002 2015-01-17_0003 2015-01-17_0004 2015-01-17_0005 2015-01-17_0006 2015-01-17_0007

It it not as often these days that I have the opportunity to shoot inside a Cathedral.   They truly are remarkable.  Such classic beauty in the architecture, elegance in reverence and history that permeates the walls.  Holy Rosary Parish in Tacoma is truly lovely.  Maryanne & Adam’s wedding was simple joy mixed with old style grandeur.  My favorite of the day was the surprise classic car that her parents had waiting for them to whisk the newly married couple to the reception.  It was perfect!


2015-01-16_0012 2015-01-16_0014 2015-01-16_0015 2015-01-16_0016 2015-01-16_0017 2015-01-16_0018 2015-01-16_0019 2015-01-16_0020 2015-01-16_0021 2015-01-16_0022 2015-01-16_0023 2015-01-16_0024 2015-01-16_0025 2015-01-16_0027 2015-01-16_0028 2015-01-16_0030 2015-01-16_0031 2015-01-16_0032 2015-01-16_0033 2015-01-16_0034 2015-01-16_0035 2015-01-16_0036 2015-01-16_0037 2015-01-16_0038 2015-01-16_0039 2015-01-16_0040 2015-01-16_0041 2015-01-16_0042 2015-01-16_0043 2015-01-16_0044

I am now officially jealous of a 7 year old.  Addison’s best buddy has her birthday in October and therefore could celebrate her day EVERY year at the pumpkin patch!  All that fall deliciousness wrapped up in golden sun, scarecrows, gourds galore and corn mazes?  My favorite.  I’m seriously thinking of moving my birthday so that I too can live the dream.  It is technically my half birthday so maybe I should just amp up that trend a bit.  Here’s hoping they don’t check my license when I show up with balloons and cake.
2014-11-03_0001 What could possibly make the pumpkin patch any more incredibly fun that it naturally is?? Three best girlfriends in glitter party hats exploring every inch.2014-11-03_0002 Shannon may actually un-invite me from next year’s festivities for this one, but it just makes me smile.  I can hear her laughing from here.2014-11-03_00162014-11-03_0003 2014-11-03_0004 2014-11-03_00062014-11-03_00052014-11-03_0007 2014-11-03_00092014-11-03_00082014-11-03_00152014-11-03_0010 2014-11-03_0011 2014-11-03_0012We ended with a day at the races.  Duck races.  Who knew?
2014-11-03_00132014-11-03_0014Happy, happy Birthday sweet girl.

Nov 03, 2014
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Issaquah Family Session



2014-11-01_0035 2014-11-01_0034 2014-11-01_0041 2014-11-01_0038 2014-11-01_0039 2014-11-01_0036 2014-11-01_0037 2014-11-01_0042 2014-11-01_0044 2014-11-01_0043 2014-11-01_0046 2014-11-01_0045 KCB photography Issaquah Family Session



I had the opportunity to travel back to Chelan with Brittany, Sam, John & Christi (some of my most favorite people) to enjoy the sun, some relaxation, a wonderful Mexican dinner, and oh yeah some additional wedding portraits.  This was the kind of day that just reminds me of how much I truly delight in being the observer to a couple’s genuine love, adoration and joy in one another.  Watching the play of emotions, the unique dance of appreciation for the differences each brings to the relationship and of course the fun.  Because if there is a wedding happening, there will most definitely be fun.  KCB photography 2014-11-01_0002 2014-11-01_0003 2014-11-01_0004 2014-11-01_0005 2014-11-01_0006 Oh Maggie, you didn’t make it easy, but look how pretty you look.  2014-11-01_0007 2014-11-01_0008 2014-11-01_0009 2014-11-01_0010 2014-11-01_00112014-11-01_0018 2014-11-01_0012 2014-11-01_0013 2014-11-01_0014 2014-11-01_0015 2014-11-01_00172014-11-01_00162014-11-01_0019 2014-11-01_0020 2014-11-01_0021 2014-11-01_0022 2014-11-01_0023 2014-11-01_0024 2014-11-01_0025 2014-11-01_0026 2014-11-01_0027 2014-11-01_0028 2014-11-01_0029 2014-11-01_0030

It’s just a special kind of exhilarating excitement to be ‘in’ on a secret.  A surprise moment that you know will catch someone unawares and result in momentous moment of joy.  Yep, it’s pretty dog gone fun and I’m totally on board, camera in hand, anytime you want to loop me in.   Texting back and forth with Austin before the proposal was almost as much fun as the event.  He was so excited and I couldn’t help but catch the enthusiasm.  I was also super grateful for his detailed description of his clothing choice of the day because as it turned out blue gingham wouldn’t have narrowed it down.  It was like the Monday uniform for guys (so maybe only 3, but still.)  I followed them around in true stalker fashion as they strolled &  bought some fresh market flowers.  The shocked amazement on Jenn’s face was perfection.  It really made me wish I had a photo of my face when Mike proposed.  You just can’t fake that kind of awestruck happy.  Since we were already enjoying such a fabulous day, she said yes,  and their dinner reservations weren’t for a few hours we of course had to head out for a few more photos.   I love that Jenn would randomly jump for joy (literally) or squeal with happiness as we traveled, just needing to gush her excitement.  Oh, if only everyday could have such delightful surprises.

pike place market pike place market seattle pike place market seattle pike place market seattle proposal, pike place market seattle proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal026 proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal035 pike place market, seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal049 proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal053 seattle proposal 140519pikeplaceproposal061 And then there is the sharing of the good news.  140519pikeplaceproposal066 And when sharing, you must send evidence.  :0)  So happy for the both of you!140519pikeplaceproposal071

I clearly overestimated my ability to get things done on my birthday.  I enjoyed a wonderful day with family and away from the computer and so the winner had to wait a day to be announced.   Through the wonderful mystery of the random number generator online I’ll be sending a shiny new copy of Eat More Dessert to Sarah Morris.  I’m sure she will be baking up some fabulous creations in the next few weeks.  It’s hard to resist the tempting pages once you start flipping.  Trust me on this one.  To grab a copy for yourself head on over to Amazon.  You will not be disappointed.

Celebrating our winner with some happy flips and fancy fun!

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