Oh summer, I welcome you with arms wide open and heart melting with gladness that you’re almost here.  The memories made in those three months are such treasures.  Perhaps this post stayed in draft status all winter just so I could begin the anticipation of all the adventuring that is so very close.  We spend a week every year at my aunt & uncle’s cabin in the little town of Newport that lays right on the border of Washington and Idaho.  It will forever be a place of true unplugged childhood delight for my kids and I love every minute of it.  KCB photography_0103KCB photography_0130 KCB photography_0104 KCB photography_0105 KCB photography_0125 KCB photography_0106 KCB photography_0107 KCB photography_0108 KCB photography_0109 KCB photography_0110 KCB photography_0111 KCB photography_0112 KCB photography_0113 KCB photography_0114 KCB photography_0115 KCB photography_0116 KCB photography_0117 KCB photography_0118 KCB photography_0124 KCB photography_0119 KCB photography_0121 KCB photography_0120 KCB photography_0126 KCB photography_0127 KCB photography_0122 KCB photography_0128

Things are definitely starting off on the right foot when you begin your shoot at Roy Street Coffee & Tea.  We enjoyed some shared coffee and chatted about the wedding planning before diving into documenting their engagement.  It is the couples that really delight in one another’s company that make it so very easy.  These two come here often and play cards or just relax together and I felt like I was just observing an {extra}ordinary date on a Tuesday afternoon.  Greenlake was the next obvious location since the actual proposal happened on a stroll around the lake.  It was such a lovely way to spend a day and to make it just that much more special it happened to be Dominique’s birthday.  Who doesn’t want their birthday documented for a few hours as you just enjoy the day and someone special to spend it with? KCB photography_0541 KCB photography_0542
KCB photography_0545 KCB photography_0547 KCB photography_0548 KCB photography_0549
KCB photography_0551 KCB photography_0552 KCB photography_0554 KCB photography_0555 KCB photography_0556 KCB photography_0557 KCB photography_0559 KCB photography_0560 KCB photography_0561 KCB photography_0564 KCB photography_0566 KCB photography_0568
KCB photography_0571KCB photography_0569 KCB photography_0570 KCB photography_0572 KCB photography_0573 KCB photography_0574

It’s hard to not fall a little in love with these faces.  I mean there is something so endearing about those rolls of furry flat cuteness so devoted to their people.  What a delightful and truly enjoyable PNW day at the beach with this two cuties and their humans.  Looking forward to their wedding this June!KCB photography_0507 KCB photography_0508 KCB photography_0509 KCB photography_0510 KCB photography_0511 KCB photography_0512 KCB photography_0513 KCB photography_0514 KCB photography_0517 KCB photography_0516 KCB photography_0518 KCB photography_0520 KCB photography_0521 KCB photography_0522 KCB photography_0523 KCB photography_0524 KCB photography_0525 KCB photography_0526 KCB photography_0533 KCB photography_0527 KCB photography_0528 KCB photography_0529 KCB photography_0531 KCB photography_0530 KCB photography_0532 KCB photography_0534 KCB photography_0535 KCB photography_0536

Hair: Laura Smith Wentworth

Before this sweet squishy face is 2 months old he will have traveled to one of my all time bucket list destinations.  I would be jealous, if I didn’t know he is going to be with a whole mess of family members that cannot wait to meet and love all over him.  Safe travels little man.  Enjoy Peru to the fullest.
KCB photography_0478 KCB photography_0480KCB photography_0479
KCB photography_0481 KCB photography_0482 KCB photography_0485 KCB photography_0483 KCB photography_0506 KCB photography_0503 KCB photography_0484 KCB photography_0487 KCB photography_0486 KCB photography_0489 KCB photography_0490
KCB photography_0491 KCB photography_0492 KCB photography_0493 KCB photography_0494 KCB photography_0496
KCB photography_0495 KCB photography_0498 KCB photography_0499 KCB photography_0500 KCB photography_0501 KCB photography_0505 KCB photography_0502 KCB photography_0504

These two.  After being incredibly gracious rescheduling when I had to stay home with a sick kiddo, racing the rain clouds during our session and then surprising me with a very thoughtful session gift I really just wanted to give them huge hugs and add them to my Christmas card list.  That’s normal right?  Let me tell you, it was a whole lot colder than Emily made it look, but I’m thinking she had some help keeping warm.  They just made it the whole session seem so effortless.

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Since I started out in education, I’m not sure why it took me so long to see how incredibly fun & rewarding it could be to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years with others.  Taking photos is SO.MUCH.FUN, and do you know what makes it more fun than a barrel of rainbow colored monkeys?  Feeling confidant and in control of your camera while doing it!  Our phones have become a convenient crutch that stand in the way of really embracing that shiny camera we may have purchased but never really took time to figure out.  If you’re anything like me manuals and reading the how-to’s are simply not going to happen.  Ever.  So getting your camera out, actively practicing and seeing results is the way to do it!  I had such a fantastic time on Saturday with a terrific group of ladies.  We had cameras out and lots time to practice while having the added bonus of making some new friends.  I’m already looking at calendar dates to see when we can make this happen again!

Every good class should have delicious snacks right?  Even better if they are pretty to photograph!

kellyclare photography kellyclare photography kellyclare photography KCB photography_0447Woods Coffee  was gracious enough to donate a much needed caffeine hit to get the morning started on a perfectly roasted note.  kellyclare photography, woods coffee The cake & cookies Jenny Cookies was thoughtful to provide were as tasty as they were perfect for practice photographing in different light or aperture.  Having something so pretty to photograph definitely makes the whole learning process more enjoyable.
kellyclare photography, jenny cookies KCB photography_0443 These oh-so-cute bundled journals & pens were such a sweet take-away provided for each attendee by my friend Nicole of Gracie Paper.  The binding and cover is so thick & luscious.  Yes it is luscious, very rich and providing great sensory pleasure.  :o)gracie paper, kellyclare photography KCB photography_0448 KCB photography_0444 Every attendee received a workbook because seriously it doesn’t matter how well you absorb information it is always necessary to have something you can refer back to for help.  The lovely Harper Gray designs created the cover and I LOVE it.  I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but honestly, I always do.  And this cover beckons me to read it.  KCB photography_0441 My two sweet things were brought in as models for the last 20 minutes to practice some shutter speed options.  It was nice to have some live bodies to move around.  I made sure Addison wore her new super twirly dress from Lularoe and it was perfect. KCB photography_0446KCB photography_0449Thank you ladies for making the class such a success!  Be sure to be on the lookout for the next class in April.

One of my most favorite moments from any engagement session happened during Branden & Brooke’s that will forever live in my memory alongside a giant grin.  We hadn’t been shooting very long when I asked them to walk out a little ways and dance.   They both embraced the task like we were filming an episode of America’s Got Talent.  My heart melted.  And then I wanted to join in.  I haven’t laughed that much with new friends in a long time.  The rain held off until the very end and I’d say this day of adventuring was a huge success.  I’ve got some incredibly muddy boots to prove it.

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Every time I meet a new family I am drawn to the dynamics.  The relationships that play out in natural interaction.  It was such a pleasure to meet, photograph and just enjoy time with the Gebrils.  The grass was tall and scratchy in the field we traipsed through, we were bumping up against nap time and yet the beauty of their family is evident in every frame.  My absolute favorites are the frames in between.  The photos when the love and caring just flows out seamlessly and I am just delighted to be near enough to capture.
Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0392 Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0384 Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0385 KCB photography_0386 KCB photography_0387 KCB photography_0388 KCB photography_0389 KCB photography_0390 KCB photography_0391 KCB photography_0393 KCB photography_0395 KCB photography_0396 KCB photography_0397 KCB photography_0398 KCB photography_0399 KCB photography_0401 KCB photography_0400 KCB photography_0402 KCB photography_0403 KCB photography_0404 KCB photography_0394 KCB photography_0405

Kierston + Eric

I cannot believe I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and had never visited Mount Rainier National Park.  A serious oversight on my part for sure.  Now I only wish it was closer so I could go every week.  We enjoyed beautiful but chilly weather for our shoot in July and the mountain didn’t actually make an appearance until two hours after our shoot but I still consider the day a complete success.  Amazing beauty is in abundance around every bend and it’s hard to not just sit in awe and soak it all in.

KCB photography_0343 KCB photography_0342 KCB photography_0341 Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Engagement session Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0331 Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0329 KCB photography_0328 Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography Engagement



Campbell + Safford

Such a fun wedding at Green Gates at Flowing Lake.  Kilts, firemen, and so many details that melded these two families together.  I loved all the symbolic touches that spoke loudly of the love and connection Jessica + Rob have grown over the years and are now cementing in marriage.  Cheers!

KCB photography_0218 KCB photography_0219 KCB photography_0220 KCB photography_0221 KCB photography_0222 KCB photography_0223 KCB photography_0224 KCB photography_0225 KCB photography_0226 KCB photography_0227 KCB photography_0228 KCB photography_0301 KCB photography_0229 KCB photography_0230 KCB photography_0231 KCB photography_0232 KCB photography_0233 KCB photography_0234 KCB photography_0235 KCB photography_0236 KCB photography_0237 KCB photography_0238 KCB photography_0239 KCB photography_0240 KCB photography_0241 KCB photography_0242 KCB photography_0243 KCB photography_0244 KCB photography_0245 KCB photography_0246 KCB photography_0247 KCB photography_0248 KCB photography_0249 KCB photography_0250 KCB photography_0251 KCB photography_0252 KCB photography_0253 KCB photography_0254 KCB photography_0255 KCB photography_0256 KCB photography_0257 KCB photography_0258 KCB photography_0259 KCB photography_0260 KCB photography_0261 KCB photography_0262 KCB photography_0263 KCB photography_0264 KCB photography_0265 KCB photography_0266 KCB photography_0267 KCB photography_0268 KCB photography_0269 KCB photography_0270 KCB photography_0271 KCB photography_0272 KCB photography_0273 KCB photography_0274 KCB photography_0275 KCB photography_0276 KCB photography_0277 KCB photography_0278 KCB photography_0279 KCB photography_0280 KCB photography_0281 KCB photography_0282 KCB photography_0283 KCB photography_0284 KCB photography_0285 KCB photography_0286 KCB photography_0321KCB photography_0288 KCB photography_0289 KCB photography_0290 KCB photography_0291 KCB photography_0292 KCB photography_0293 KCB photography_0294 KCB photography_0295 KCB photography_0296 KCB photography_0297 KCB photography_0298 KCB photography_0299 KCB photography_0300 KCB photography_0303 KCB photography_0304 KCB photography_0305 KCB photography_0306 KCB photography_0307 KCB photography_0308 KCB photography_0309 KCB photography_0310 KCB photography_0311 KCB photography_0312 KCB photography_0313 KCB photography_0314 KCB photography_0315 KCB photography_0316 KCB photography_0317 KCB photography_0318 KCB photography_0319 KCB photography_0320