Every time I meet a new family I am drawn to the dynamics.  The relationships that play out in natural interaction.  It was such a pleasure to meet, photograph and just enjoy time with the Gebrils.  The grass was tall and scratchy in the field we traipsed through, we were bumping up against nap time and yet the beauty of their family is evident in every frame.  My absolute favorites are the frames in between.  The photos when the love and caring just flows out seamlessly and I am just delighted to be near enough to capture.
Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0392 Lake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photographyLake Steven family photography Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0384 Lake Steven family photography KCB photography_0385 KCB photography_0386 KCB photography_0387 KCB photography_0388 KCB photography_0389 KCB photography_0390 KCB photography_0391 KCB photography_0393 KCB photography_0395 KCB photography_0396 KCB photography_0397 KCB photography_0398 KCB photography_0399 KCB photography_0401 KCB photography_0400 KCB photography_0402 KCB photography_0403 KCB photography_0404 KCB photography_0394 KCB photography_0405

Kierston + Eric

I cannot believe I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and had never visited Mount Rainier National Park.  A serious oversight on my part for sure.  Now I only wish it was closer so I could go every week.  We enjoyed beautiful but chilly weather for our shoot in July and the mountain didn’t actually make an appearance until two hours after our shoot but I still consider the day a complete success.  Amazing beauty is in abundance around every bend and it’s hard to not just sit in awe and soak it all in.

KCB photography_0343 KCB photography_0342 KCB photography_0341 Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Engagement session Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0331 Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0329 KCB photography_0328 Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography Engagement



Campbell + Safford

Such a fun wedding at Green Gates at Flowing Lake.  Kilts, firemen, and so many details that melded these two families together.  I loved all the symbolic touches that spoke loudly of the love and connection Jessica + Rob have grown over the years and are now cementing in marriage.  Cheers!

KCB photography_0218 KCB photography_0219 KCB photography_0220 KCB photography_0221 KCB photography_0222 KCB photography_0223 KCB photography_0224 KCB photography_0225 KCB photography_0226 KCB photography_0227 KCB photography_0228 KCB photography_0301 KCB photography_0229 KCB photography_0230 KCB photography_0231 KCB photography_0232 KCB photography_0233 KCB photography_0234 KCB photography_0235 KCB photography_0236 KCB photography_0237 KCB photography_0238 KCB photography_0239 KCB photography_0240 KCB photography_0241 KCB photography_0242 KCB photography_0243 KCB photography_0244 KCB photography_0245 KCB photography_0246 KCB photography_0247 KCB photography_0248 KCB photography_0249 KCB photography_0250 KCB photography_0251 KCB photography_0252 KCB photography_0253 KCB photography_0254 KCB photography_0255 KCB photography_0256 KCB photography_0257 KCB photography_0258 KCB photography_0259 KCB photography_0260 KCB photography_0261 KCB photography_0262 KCB photography_0263 KCB photography_0264 KCB photography_0265 KCB photography_0266 KCB photography_0267 KCB photography_0268 KCB photography_0269 KCB photography_0270 KCB photography_0271 KCB photography_0272 KCB photography_0273 KCB photography_0274 KCB photography_0275 KCB photography_0276 KCB photography_0277 KCB photography_0278 KCB photography_0279 KCB photography_0280 KCB photography_0281 KCB photography_0282 KCB photography_0283 KCB photography_0284 KCB photography_0285 KCB photography_0286 KCB photography_0321KCB photography_0288 KCB photography_0289 KCB photography_0290 KCB photography_0291 KCB photography_0292 KCB photography_0293 KCB photography_0294 KCB photography_0295 KCB photography_0296 KCB photography_0297 KCB photography_0298 KCB photography_0299 KCB photography_0300 KCB photography_0303 KCB photography_0304 KCB photography_0305 KCB photography_0306 KCB photography_0307 KCB photography_0308 KCB photography_0309 KCB photography_0310 KCB photography_0311 KCB photography_0312 KCB photography_0313 KCB photography_0314 KCB photography_0315 KCB photography_0316 KCB photography_0317 KCB photography_0318 KCB photography_0319 KCB photography_0320

There are so many summer days that I wish I had tangible photographic memories, but it is hard when you are actually living them as well.    The simple, everyday activities that fill summer days and make up the deep-seeded-contented happy that is childhood.  Little backyard pools filled with flowers, toys and grass. Blowing bubbles to chase with sticky soapy fingers.  Slip and sliding down a hose soaked tarp that is more fun than Wild Waves because you’re at home with family.  Then wrap up all these simple pleasures with a meal shared around a picnic table under the shade of a tree.  Yep, these are the moments that fill up that happy in my heart reminding me childhood doesn’t have to be plugged in or expensive.  Bring on the bubbles!Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0156 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0157 KCB photography_0166 KCB photography_0162 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0163 KCB photography_0165 KCB photography_0167 KCB photography_0164 KCB photography_0168 KCB photography_0160 KCB photography_0169 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0171 KCB photography_0172 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0190 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0174 KCB photography_0189 KCB photography_0191 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0176 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0178 KCB photography_0181 KCB photography_0182 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0185 Lake Stevens lifestyle photograph KCB photography_0186

My favorite part of engagement shoots?  Spending the day with two fabulous people with nothing to do but explore, have fun, get to watch love in action and take beautiful photos!  This day at Discovery Park & the Ballard Farmer’s Market with Nate & Kendall  was an absolute success.  I cannot wait for their wedding this summer.  I know it is going to be grand.
discovery park KCB photography0002 KCB photography0001 KCB photography KCB photography II-1 KCB photography0007 KCB photography0006 KCB photography0003 Discovery Park II KCB photography0004 KCB photography0005 KCB photography KCB photography0010 KCB photography0011 KCB photography0009 KCB photography0008 Discovery Park Discovery Park V-1 Discovery Park lighthouse discovery Park lighthouse II Discovery Park VI KCB photography0012 KCB photography0013 KCB photography III Ballard KCB photography0022 portraits KCB photography0014 ballard farmers market KCB photography0016 ballard market KCB photography0018 KCB photography0015 KCB photography0019 KCB photography0017 KCB photography0020 KCB photography0021 ballard market I KCB photography0023 Ballard III

Eric & Jenna’s wedding was an international affair.  Guests traveled from London, Australia, Kenya just to name a few, to a little paradise escape in Yakima.  Cascade Gardens is a hidden gem sequestered across from the largest hops farm in Washington.  It truly felt like a meet up of long lost friends.  The atmosphere was joyous, celebratory and so very welcoming.  A sweet love affair for everyone to enjoy.

KCB photography_0010 KCB photography_0009 KCB photography_0008 KCB photography_0011 KCB photography_0082KCB photography_0078 KCB photography_0012 KCB photography_0072KCB photography_0081KCB photography_0002KCB photography_0083KCB photography_0052KCB photography_0004 KCB photography_0005KCB photography_0027KCB photography_0006 KCB photography_0007 KCB photography_0014 KCB photography_0015 KCB photography_0016 KCB photography_0053 KCB photography_0019 KCB photography_0054KCB photography_0030 KCB photography_0077KCB photography_0056KCB photography_0032 KCB photography_0033 KCB photography_0055KCB photography_0084KCB photography_0031KCB photography_0021 KCB photography_0034 KCB photography_0022 KCB photography_0023 KCB photography_0035 KCB photography_0026KCB photography_0079KCB photography_0057KCB photography_0064KCB photography_0037KCB photography_0038 KCB photography_0039 KCB photography_0040 KCB photography_0041 KCB photography_0020 KCB photography_0071 KCB photography_0062 KCB photography_0060 KCB photography_0061 KCB photography_0059 KCB photography_0058 KCB photography_0080 KCB photography_0074 KCB photography_0065KCB photography_0042 KCB photography_0043 KCB photography_0045 KCB photography_0046 KCB photography_0051 KCB photography_0047KCB photography_0076 KCB photography_0069 KCB photography_0066 KCB photography_0067KCB photography_0050 KCB photography_0048 KCB photography_0049

Oh what a day.  A day I have personally been praying for for years.  The day one of my very good friends found the man God had chosen for her and began their life together.  I am so very proud of the journey that led to this day and the incredible honor it was to photograph its beauty unfolding at Maplehurst.   There were many short breaks for happy tears and heartfelt hugs (Andrea’s favorite), but I know I am forgiven.   So very, very joy filled  for you my friend and looking forward to watching the journey continue.  2015-05-18_00192015-05-18_0007 2015-05-18_0005 2015-05-18_0001 2015-05-18_0011 2015-05-18_0026 2015-05-18_0015 KCB photography 2015-05-18_0023 2015-05-19_00372015-05-18_0024 2015-05-18_0030 2015-05-18_0016 2015-05-18_00092015-05-19_0038 2015-05-19_0039 2015-05-19_00412015-05-19_0040KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0002 KCB photography 2015-05-18_0006 KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0010 2015-05-19_0035KCB photography 2015-05-18_0018 2015-05-18_0020 2015-05-18_0022 KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0013 KCB photographyKCB photography2015-05-18_0008 2015-05-19_0008 KCB photography 2015-05-19_0012 2015-05-19_0015 KCB photographyKCB photographyKCB photographyKCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-19_0027 KCB photography KCB photography

I know I’ve said this before but there is something so incredibly special about spending time in a beautiful location with a couple in love and getting to photograph it all.  Seriously, it is so much my favorite.  You can’t look through this shoot and tell me you’re not a little jealous of our sunny day at the river and secretly wish you were there with us.

lifestyle engagementKCB photographyKCB photography lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement shoot KCB photography KCB photography KCB photographylifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement Lifestyle engagement KCB photographylifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0026 2015-05-10_0025 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement

Want to know why this is the cutest, best idea ever?  Because it was Trace’s!  I love a man with a plan.

lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0012 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement

Filmed a fun video with my friend Jenny Cookies the other day (you can check it out here!) on making little, incredibly delightful terrariums.  Turns out I am completely enchanted with succulents.  They have so much beautiful texture, color, variety and just amazing cleverness wrapped up in a small package.  Grouped together they make for some serious eye candy.  Combine that with all the wonderful details of Jenny’s ladies luncheon and it was quite the afternoon.  2015-05-03_0001 2015-05-03_0002 Jenny Cookies, naked cake 2015-05-03_0005succulent2015-05-03_0006 Illume‘s Cactus Verde scent is splendid.  It’s clean, refreshing and seems to energize.  That’s a lot for a yummy scent to manage.
Be lovely, succulent2015-05-03_0010succulent, Be lovely2015-05-03_0011 Minted 2015-05-03_0013 succulent, terrarium 2015-05-03_0015 2015-05-03_0016 2015-05-03_0017 2015-05-03_0020succulent, terrarium succulent, terrarium succulent, terrarium, Jenny Cookies 2015-05-04_0002 2015-05-04_0003 succulent luncheon, jenny cookiesladies lunch succulent, Jenny cookies succulent, ladies lunchKCB photography

I showed up to Stephanie’s house so very excited to get this wedding season on the move!  In fact, I was so early I made myself wait in the car for a little while so as not to be too over zealous.  I am so glad to have started the day with this fabulous group of girlfriends who were so supportive and incredibly helpful.  I cannot tell you how it warms my heart when bridesmaids and groomsmen genuinely take their role seriously and really come alongside the bride & groom to make their day as fabulous and stress-free as possible.  The whole day was just a lovely unfolding of this sweet couples friends and family’s heartfelt celebration of  Keith & Stephanie.   It was such an joy to be in the mix watching, enjoying and feeling very much a part of it all.

~ Kelly

2015-05-02_0003 2015-05-02_00092015-05-02_0004 2015-05-02_00072015-05-02_0005 2015-05-02_00062015-05-02_0008Hidden Meadows Snohomish WA2015-05-02_0016 2015-05-02_0017 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_00222015-05-02_00192015-05-02_0020Hidden Meadows Snohomish2015-05-02_0013The details were so perfect.  Stephanie painted this piece of art for the sign in table along with all of the centerpiece cards.  Just tapping into some new watercolor talent for her classy wedding.  So many cute details!

2015-05-02_0010 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0023 2015-05-02_00252015-05-02_00242015-05-02_0026 2015-05-02_00272015-05-02_0028Hidden Meadows

I loved how the bridesmaids were totally trying to catch a peek during portraits.

2015-05-02_0031 2015-05-02_0030 2015-05-02_0035 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0033 2015-05-02_0032 2015-05-02_0036 2015-05-02_0041 2015-05-02_0040 2015-05-02_0038 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0043 2015-05-02_0044

That moment, right before you become a Mrs.

2015-05-02_0045 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0050 2015-05-02_0049 2015-05-02_0048 2015-05-02_0051 2015-05-02_0053 2015-05-02_0054 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0056 2015-05-02_0058 2015-05-02_0060 2015-05-02_0066 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0068 HIdden Meadows2015-05-02_0065 2015-05-02_00672015-05-02_00692015-05-02_0073 2015-05-02_0072 2015-05-02_0071 HIdden Meadows

It’s a little bit magical when I can sneak the couple out for a few more sunset portraits.  Everyone is relaxed, happy and so ready to just be happy in love.

2015-05-02_0075 2015-05-02_0077 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0079 2015-05-02_0080 2015-05-02_0081 2015-05-02_0082 Hidden Meadows


It takes a great team to make such a spectacular day!

Dress- Brand/Style: Allure Bridal 9068 from pearls and lace (http://www.pearlsandlace.com/)

Shoes- brand: Menbur purchased at: BHLDN

Venue- Hidden Meadows

Hair- Posh Styling (http://www.posh-styling.com/) stylist: Leah

Makeup- Holly Holman (hollyjholman gmail.com)

Videographer- Andy Fitts ‘Fitts Studios’ (http://www.fittsstudios.com/)

Florist- Contemporary Floral Kristen Pedeferri (Kristen@contemporaryfloral.com)

Wedding planner: Elizabeth Dougherty (liz@happytogetherevents.com)