Oh what a day.  A day I have personally been praying for for years.  The day one of my very good friends found the man God had chosen for her and began their life together.  I am so very proud of the journey that led to this day and the incredible honor it was to photograph its beauty unfolding at Maplehurst.   There were many short breaks for happy tears and heartfelt hugs (Andrea’s favorite), but I know I am forgiven.   So very, very joy filled  for you my friend and looking forward to watching the journey continue.  2015-05-18_00192015-05-18_0007 2015-05-18_0005 2015-05-18_0001 2015-05-18_0011 2015-05-18_0026 2015-05-18_0015 KCB photography 2015-05-18_0023 2015-05-19_00372015-05-18_0024 2015-05-18_0030 2015-05-18_0016 2015-05-18_00092015-05-19_0038 2015-05-19_0039 2015-05-19_00412015-05-19_0040KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0002 KCB photography 2015-05-18_0006 KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0010 2015-05-19_0035KCB photography 2015-05-18_0018 2015-05-18_0020 2015-05-18_0022 KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-18_0013 KCB photographyKCB photography2015-05-18_0008 2015-05-19_0008 KCB photography 2015-05-19_0012 2015-05-19_0015 KCB photographyKCB photographyKCB photographyKCB photography KCB photography KCB photography KCB photography 2015-05-19_0027 KCB photography KCB photography

I know I’ve said this before but there is something so incredibly special about spending time in a beautiful location with a couple in love and getting to photograph it all.  Seriously, it is so much my favorite.  You can’t look through this shoot and tell me you’re not a little jealous of our sunny day at the river and secretly wish you were there with us.

lifestyle engagementKCB photographyKCB photography lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement shoot KCB photography KCB photography KCB photographylifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement Lifestyle engagement KCB photographylifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0026 2015-05-10_0025 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement

Want to know why this is the cutest, best idea ever?  Because it was Trace’s!  I love a man with a plan.

lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0012 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement

Filmed a fun video with my friend Jenny Cookies the other day (you can check it out here!) on making little, incredibly delightful terrariums.  Turns out I am completely enchanted with succulents.  They have so much beautiful texture, color, variety and just amazing cleverness wrapped up in a small package.  Grouped together they make for some serious eye candy.  Combine that with all the wonderful details of Jenny’s ladies luncheon and it was quite the afternoon.  2015-05-03_0001 2015-05-03_0002 Jenny Cookies, naked cake 2015-05-03_0005succulent2015-05-03_0006 Illume‘s Cactus Verde scent is splendid.  It’s clean, refreshing and seems to energize.  That’s a lot for a yummy scent to manage.
Be lovely, succulent2015-05-03_0010succulent, Be lovely2015-05-03_0011 Minted 2015-05-03_0013 succulent, terrarium 2015-05-03_0015 2015-05-03_0016 2015-05-03_0017 2015-05-03_0020succulent, terrarium succulent, terrarium succulent, terrarium, Jenny Cookies 2015-05-04_0002 2015-05-04_0003 succulent luncheon, jenny cookiesladies lunch succulent, Jenny cookies succulent, ladies lunchKCB photography

I showed up to Stephanie’s house so very excited to get this wedding season on the move!  In fact, I was so early I made myself wait in the car for a little while so as not to be too over zealous.  I am so glad to have started the day with this fabulous group of girlfriends who were so supportive and incredibly helpful.  I cannot tell you how it warms my heart when bridesmaids and groomsmen genuinely take their role seriously and really come alongside the bride & groom to make their day as fabulous and stress-free as possible.  The whole day was just a lovely unfolding of this sweet couples friends and family’s heartfelt celebration of  Keith & Stephanie.   It was such an joy to be in the mix watching, enjoying and feeling very much a part of it all.

~ Kelly

2015-05-02_0003 2015-05-02_00092015-05-02_0004 2015-05-02_00072015-05-02_0005 2015-05-02_00062015-05-02_0008Hidden Meadows Snohomish WA2015-05-02_0016 2015-05-02_0017 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_00222015-05-02_00192015-05-02_0020Hidden Meadows Snohomish2015-05-02_0013The details were so perfect.  Stephanie painted this piece of art for the sign in table along with all of the centerpiece cards.  Just tapping into some new watercolor talent for her classy wedding.  So many cute details!

2015-05-02_0010 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0023 2015-05-02_00252015-05-02_00242015-05-02_0026 2015-05-02_00272015-05-02_0028Hidden Meadows

I loved how the bridesmaids were totally trying to catch a peek during portraits.

2015-05-02_0031 2015-05-02_0030 2015-05-02_0035 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0033 2015-05-02_0032 2015-05-02_0036 2015-05-02_0041 2015-05-02_0040 2015-05-02_0038 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0043 2015-05-02_0044

That moment, right before you become a Mrs.

2015-05-02_0045 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0050 2015-05-02_0049 2015-05-02_0048 2015-05-02_0051 2015-05-02_0053 2015-05-02_0054 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0056 2015-05-02_0058 2015-05-02_0060 2015-05-02_0066 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0068 HIdden Meadows2015-05-02_0065 2015-05-02_00672015-05-02_00692015-05-02_0073 2015-05-02_0072 2015-05-02_0071 HIdden Meadows

It’s a little bit magical when I can sneak the couple out for a few more sunset portraits.  Everyone is relaxed, happy and so ready to just be happy in love.

2015-05-02_0075 2015-05-02_0077 Hidden Meadows2015-05-02_0079 2015-05-02_0080 2015-05-02_0081 2015-05-02_0082 Hidden Meadows


It takes a great team to make such a spectacular day!

Dress- Brand/Style: Allure Bridal 9068 from pearls and lace (http://www.pearlsandlace.com/)

Shoes- brand: Menbur purchased at: BHLDN

Venue- Hidden Meadows

Hair- Posh Styling (http://www.posh-styling.com/) stylist: Leah

Makeup- Holly Holman (hollyjholman gmail.com)

Videographer- Andy Fitts ‘Fitts Studios’ (http://www.fittsstudios.com/)

Florist- Contemporary Floral Kristen Pedeferri (Kristen@contemporaryfloral.com)

Wedding planner: Elizabeth Dougherty (liz@happytogetherevents.com)




Glamorous, elegant, and oh-so classy.  Christi you absolutely knocked this one out of the cherry orchard.
kcb photography cherry orchard cherry orchardKCB photographycherry orchardcherry orchard cherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchard cherry orchard cherry orchardcherry orchard2015-04-15_0012cherry orchard2015-04-15_0006cherry orchard cherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchardcherry orchard

Just to mix things up I thought I’d try my hand at making my own holi powder and adding a little flair to a shoot.  I’ll need to add a little more color next time to make the powder more vibrant, but all in all I’d say it was a success.  I mean, there really wasn’t an unhappy (or clean) face to be found.  I used this recipe but you can find a ton of ideas on pinterest.  Enjoy!
2015-04-11_0001 2015-04-11_0002 2015-04-11_0003 2015-04-11_0004 2015-04-11_0005 2015-04-11_0006 2015-04-11_0007 2015-04-11_0008 2015-04-11_0009 2015-04-11_0010 2015-04-11_0011 2015-04-11_0012 2015-04-11_0013 2015-04-11_0014 2015-04-11_0015 2015-04-11_0016 2015-04-11_0017 2015-04-11_0018 2015-04-11_0019 2015-04-11_0020 2015-04-11_0021 2015-04-11_0022

When a good friend of mine called and wanted to do a styled generations shoot at her families cherry orchard I was pretty dog gone excited.  Full on happy dance excited.  First off, she is an absolutely fantastic stylist and I new anything she was working on would be fabulous and second, I LOVE cherry blossoms.  They are simply classic beauty in their elegant blossoms, purity and promise of life.  It was not disappointing.  In fact, there is so much  incredibleness that I have to break  the photos up.  We’ll start with the wonderful family warmth of three generations of special ladies who gathered in an orchard to enjoy lunch, love and a whole lot of laughter.

2015-04-11_0023 2015-04-11_00242015-04-11_00252015-04-11_00272015-04-11_0050



2015-04-11_0041 2015-04-11_00432015-04-11_00422015-04-11_0044 2015-04-11_0045 2015-04-11_0046 2015-04-11_00472015-04-11_00482015-04-11_00492015-04-11_0051



Addison’s 7th Birthday celebration was a huge success!  Every year I try to talk her into ice skating, bowling, gymnastics or some other location that takes the chaos far away from our home.  And every year she talks me into transforming our rooms into a party place.  She likes to be home and wants to celebrate with friends in her space.  It’s hard to say no.  The carnival theme is such a fun one to explore!  The color, activities and really just the carnival crazy.

For a craft (who doesn’t love a good craft?!!) the kids decorated their own party hats.  Easy and so much fun.
2015-02-24_0001 2015-02-24_0002 2015-02-24_0003 I’m not usually a big vintage buyer, but those little clowns from Penny Lane Vintage  just make me happy.  I kind of want to leave them out all year long.  They were definitely the perfect compliment to the fabulous desserts by Jenny Cookies.  The popcorn box cookies were my absolute favorite!  Baking is not something I excel at so I am always delighted to see her wonderful creations.     2015-02-24_0004 2015-02-24_0006Jenny Cookies2015-02-24_0008What’s a carnival without a clown?  I think she makes the cutest clown on the block.  Big giant, huge thanks to my mom who made a custom clown costume for the birthday girl.
KCB photography

So excited to greet her guests!

2015-02-24_00152015-02-24_00052015-02-24_0009Clown nose cake pops made for a really terrific Photo Booth prop.  And the backdrop from Drop it Modern almost makes me want to paint red & white stripes on the wall it was so perfect.
2015-02-24_0010 KCB photography

A+ for effort and yet darn near impossible to blow up the balloon animal balloons without a pump.  The kids had a blast trying to create their own balloon circus animals.   I mastered the snake.2015-02-24_0014

2015-02-24_0016 2015-02-24_0017 2015-02-24_0018I am often in awe of the talents of others.  My cousin is an incredible artist and when I asked her to use her talents for face painting she completely rocked it!  I was thinking hearts and flowers and she was thinking fabulous elaborate works of art.  Love her.

2015-02-24_0019 2015-02-24_0028KCB photography2015-02-24_0020KCB photographyKCB photography

Surprise silly string attack may or may not have left the two littles crying, but I’m going to say it was worth it.  2015-02-24_0024KCB photography

2015-02-24_00262015-02-24_0027Carnival Birthday partyKCB photographyCarnival birthday partyHappy Birthday Addison!  Looking forward to what you dream up for next year’s party.  At a park.  Or pool.  Or the zoo….

Feb 17, 2015
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We’ll get to baby Graham, but first we can’t ignore the super cute 2 year old who is working out this new role of big sister with a little sass and a whole lot of cowgirl cute.  Seattle Newborn Photographer 2015-02-16_0002 I love this.  For me it sort of wraps up that whole ‘new baby really isn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be’ reaction.  Like  animals circling in the wild trying to understand each other.  2015-02-16_0003 2015-02-16_0004 2015-02-16_0005 Those are some seriously lovely lips.  Sweet dreams little man.Seattle Newborn 2015-02-16_0007 2015-02-16_0008Newborn photos offer the chance to give a gift to parents.  The telling of the beginning of a story that is theirs.  I truly love the sweet relationship in the early days where sleep and hygiene are luxuries, but you can take a moment and just play with fingers & toes and marvel that your family has grown.
2015-02-16_0009 2015-02-16_0010 2015-02-16_0011 This airplane nursery has so many special touches.  Flight gear, maps & flight book from Great Grandpa, an authentic propeller and handmade with love by mom.  2015-02-16_0012 2015-02-16_0013 2015-02-16_0014 2015-02-16_0015 2015-02-16_0016 2015-02-16_0017 2015-02-16_0018 2015-02-16_0019 My favorite.  2015-02-16_0020 Seattle newborn

I feel like I need to let you in on a secret.  It’s just something that seems to come up a lot and each time it makes me excited, fills me with anticipation and genuinely renews my love relationship with photography.  It is every time I meet a couple and one or both of them tells me how much they don’t like having their picture taken.  I know those statements are always fraught with background. Bad experiences, insecurities, shyness, plus about a million other possibilities.  And you know what?  I’m not different.   But the true gift is when I can look through a session and instead of seeing each of the two as individuals I only see them as a couple. The relationship and love that they share is louder than any believed imperfections.  That connection is what I love.  I look at these photos and I see joy, connection, love and a two very beautiful people.  Thanks for dodging the rain and enjoying the moment with me Archie & Erika.  I look forward to your wedding!

2015-01-20_0002 2015-01-20_0003 2015-01-20_0004 2015-01-20_0005 2015-01-20_0006 2015-01-20_0007 2015-01-20_0008 2015-01-20_0009 2015-01-20_0010 2015-01-20_0011 2015-01-20_0013 2015-01-20_0014 2015-01-20_0015 2015-01-20_0016 2015-01-20_0017 2015-01-20_0018 2015-01-20_0019 2015-01-20_0020 2015-01-20_0021 2015-01-20_0022 2015-01-20_0023 2015-01-20_0024 2015-01-20_0025