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Things are definitely starting off on the right foot when you begin your shoot at Roy Street Coffee & Tea.  We enjoyed some shared coffee and chatted about the wedding planning before diving into documenting their engagement.  It is the couples that really delight in one another’s company that make it so very easy.  These two come here often and play cards or just relax together and I felt like I was just observing an {extra}ordinary date on a Tuesday afternoon.  Greenlake was the next obvious location since the actual proposal happened on a stroll around the lake.  It was such a lovely way to spend a day and to make it just that much more special it happened to be Dominique’s birthday.  Who doesn’t want their birthday documented for a few hours as you just enjoy the day and someone special to spend it with? KCB photography_0541 KCB photography_0542
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It’s hard to not fall a little in love with these faces.  I mean there is something so endearing about those rolls of furry flat cuteness so devoted to their people.  What a delightful and truly enjoyable PNW day at the beach with this two cuties and their humans.  Looking forward to their wedding this June!KCB photography_0507 KCB photography_0508 KCB photography_0509 KCB photography_0510 KCB photography_0511 KCB photography_0512 KCB photography_0513 KCB photography_0514 KCB photography_0517 KCB photography_0516 KCB photography_0518 KCB photography_0520 KCB photography_0521 KCB photography_0522 KCB photography_0523 KCB photography_0524 KCB photography_0525 KCB photography_0526 KCB photography_0533 KCB photography_0527 KCB photography_0528 KCB photography_0529 KCB photography_0531 KCB photography_0530 KCB photography_0532 KCB photography_0534 KCB photography_0535 KCB photography_0536

Hair: Laura Smith Wentworth

These two.  After being incredibly gracious rescheduling when I had to stay home with a sick kiddo, racing the rain clouds during our session and then surprising me with a very thoughtful session gift I really just wanted to give them huge hugs and add them to my Christmas card list.  That’s normal right?  Let me tell you, it was a whole lot colder than Emily made it look, but I’m thinking she had some help keeping warm.  They just made it the whole session seem so effortless.

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One of my most favorite moments from any engagement session happened during Branden & Brooke’s that will forever live in my memory alongside a giant grin.  We hadn’t been shooting very long when I asked them to walk out a little ways and dance.   They both embraced the task like we were filming an episode of America’s Got Talent.  My heart melted.  And then I wanted to join in.  I haven’t laughed that much with new friends in a long time.  The rain held off until the very end and I’d say this day of adventuring was a huge success.  I’ve got some incredibly muddy boots to prove it.

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Kierston + Eric

I cannot believe I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and had never visited Mount Rainier National Park.  A serious oversight on my part for sure.  Now I only wish it was closer so I could go every week.  We enjoyed beautiful but chilly weather for our shoot in July and the mountain didn’t actually make an appearance until two hours after our shoot but I still consider the day a complete success.  Amazing beauty is in abundance around every bend and it’s hard to not just sit in awe and soak it all in.

KCB photography_0343 KCB photography_0342 KCB photography_0341 Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Engagement session Engagement session Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0331 Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography_0329 KCB photography_0328 Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rainier National Park KCB photography Engagement



My favorite part of engagement shoots?  Spending the day with two fabulous people with nothing to do but explore, have fun, get to watch love in action and take beautiful photos!  This day at Discovery Park & the Ballard Farmer’s Market with Nate & Kendall  was an absolute success.  I cannot wait for their wedding this summer.  I know it is going to be grand.
discovery park KCB photography0002 KCB photography0001 KCB photography KCB photography II-1 KCB photography0007 KCB photography0006 KCB photography0003 Discovery Park II KCB photography0004 KCB photography0005 KCB photography KCB photography0010 KCB photography0011 KCB photography0009 KCB photography0008 Discovery Park Discovery Park V-1 Discovery Park lighthouse discovery Park lighthouse II Discovery Park VI KCB photography0012 KCB photography0013 KCB photography III Ballard KCB photography0022 portraits KCB photography0014 ballard farmers market KCB photography0016 ballard market KCB photography0018 KCB photography0015 KCB photography0019 KCB photography0017 KCB photography0020 KCB photography0021 ballard market I KCB photography0023 Ballard III

I know I’ve said this before but there is something so incredibly special about spending time in a beautiful location with a couple in love and getting to photograph it all.  Seriously, it is so much my favorite.  You can’t look through this shoot and tell me you’re not a little jealous of our sunny day at the river and secretly wish you were there with us.

lifestyle engagementKCB photographyKCB photography lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement shoot KCB photography KCB photography KCB photographylifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement Lifestyle engagement KCB photographylifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0026 2015-05-10_0025 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement

Want to know why this is the cutest, best idea ever?  Because it was Trace’s!  I love a man with a plan.

lifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagementlifestyle engagement 2015-05-10_0012 lifestyle engagement lifestyle engagement

I feel like I need to let you in on a secret.  It’s just something that seems to come up a lot and each time it makes me excited, fills me with anticipation and genuinely renews my love relationship with photography.  It is every time I meet a couple and one or both of them tells me how much they don’t like having their picture taken.  I know those statements are always fraught with background. Bad experiences, insecurities, shyness, plus about a million other possibilities.  And you know what?  I’m not different.   But the true gift is when I can look through a session and instead of seeing each of the two as individuals I only see them as a couple. The relationship and love that they share is louder than any believed imperfections.  That connection is what I love.  I look at these photos and I see joy, connection, love and a two very beautiful people.  Thanks for dodging the rain and enjoying the moment with me Archie & Erika.  I look forward to your wedding!

2015-01-20_0002 2015-01-20_0003 2015-01-20_0004 2015-01-20_0005 2015-01-20_0006 2015-01-20_0007 2015-01-20_0008 2015-01-20_0009 2015-01-20_0010 2015-01-20_0011 2015-01-20_0013 2015-01-20_0014 2015-01-20_0015 2015-01-20_0016 2015-01-20_0017 2015-01-20_0018 2015-01-20_0019 2015-01-20_0020 2015-01-20_0021 2015-01-20_0022 2015-01-20_0023 2015-01-20_0024 2015-01-20_0025

It’s just a special kind of exhilarating excitement to be ‘in’ on a secret.  A surprise moment that you know will catch someone unawares and result in momentous moment of joy.  Yep, it’s pretty dog gone fun and I’m totally on board, camera in hand, anytime you want to loop me in.   Texting back and forth with Austin before the proposal was almost as much fun as the event.  He was so excited and I couldn’t help but catch the enthusiasm.  I was also super grateful for his detailed description of his clothing choice of the day because as it turned out blue gingham wouldn’t have narrowed it down.  It was like the Monday uniform for guys (so maybe only 3, but still.)  I followed them around in true stalker fashion as they strolled &  bought some fresh market flowers.  The shocked amazement on Jenn’s face was perfection.  It really made me wish I had a photo of my face when Mike proposed.  You just can’t fake that kind of awestruck happy.  Since we were already enjoying such a fabulous day, she said yes,  and their dinner reservations weren’t for a few hours we of course had to head out for a few more photos.   I love that Jenn would randomly jump for joy (literally) or squeal with happiness as we traveled, just needing to gush her excitement.  Oh, if only everyday could have such delightful surprises.

pike place market pike place market seattle pike place market seattle pike place market seattle proposal, pike place market seattle proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal026 proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal035 pike place market, seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal049 proposal, pike place market seattle 140519pikeplaceproposal053 seattle proposal 140519pikeplaceproposal061 And then there is the sharing of the good news.  140519pikeplaceproposal066 And when sharing, you must send evidence.  :0)  So happy for the both of you!140519pikeplaceproposal071

One of life’s great mysteries (for me anyway) is how people from the same family can come to the table with such vastly diverse talents and strengths.  I’m confidant that every family tree provides evidence to this intrigue, and mine is no different.  At times it would be easy to focus on the differences and find fault with yourself in comparison.   Instead, I’m choosing to see what a gift it is to have such natural endowments on my team.   I had the supreme privilege of spending time with my cousin and her intended on her current home turf as she pursues yet another grand achievement.  I secretly live a little vicariously thru these two as they are experiencing and traveling a diametrical path to my own.  To sweeten the pot even further I simply enjoy spending time with them.  They are a couple that individually are pretty spectacular in their own right and together just seem to comfortably complete the package.  Always looking forward to the next visit with you two.  So happy to count you my family & friends and anticipating watching how the story unfolds.   Cheers!

2014-01-29_0003 2014-01-29_00052014-01-29_0004 2014-01-29_0006 2014-01-29_0007


And did I mention she’s just foxy?  Yep, she is.

2014-01-29_0008 2014-01-29_0009 2014-01-29_0010 2014-01-29_0011 2014-01-29_0012 2014-01-29_0013 2014-01-29_0014 2014-01-29_0016