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Before this sweet squishy face is 2 months old he will have traveled to one of my all time bucket list destinations.  I would be jealous, if I didn’t know he is going to be with a whole mess of family members that cannot wait to meet and love all over him.  Safe travels little man.  Enjoy Peru to the fullest.
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Feb 17, 2015
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We’ll get to baby Graham, but first we can’t ignore the super cute 2 year old who is working out this new role of big sister with a little sass and a whole lot of cowgirl cute.  Seattle Newborn Photographer 2015-02-16_0002 I love this.  For me it sort of wraps up that whole ‘new baby really isn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be’ reaction.  Like  animals circling in the wild trying to understand each other.  2015-02-16_0003 2015-02-16_0004 2015-02-16_0005 Those are some seriously lovely lips.  Sweet dreams little man.Seattle Newborn 2015-02-16_0007 2015-02-16_0008Newborn photos offer the chance to give a gift to parents.  The telling of the beginning of a story that is theirs.  I truly love the sweet relationship in the early days where sleep and hygiene are luxuries, but you can take a moment and just play with fingers & toes and marvel that your family has grown.
2015-02-16_0009 2015-02-16_0010 2015-02-16_0011 This airplane nursery has so many special touches.  Flight gear, maps & flight book from Great Grandpa, an authentic propeller and handmade with love by mom.  2015-02-16_0012 2015-02-16_0013 2015-02-16_0014 2015-02-16_0015 2015-02-16_0016 2015-02-16_0017 2015-02-16_0018 2015-02-16_0019 My favorite.  2015-02-16_0020 Seattle newborn

Apr 20, 2014
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As I sit here Easter Sunday more aware of the enormous gift Jesus gave each of us, it is reinforced tenfold in the beauty of a newborn baby.  Perfection, hope, joy, love all wrapped up in a bundle that asks for nothing except your willingness to accept, take hold and keep close to your heart.   I know this might simplify the enormity of what Christ accomplished for us this day, but it’s the simplicity that makes it the more amazing.  Take hold, accept and keep His promises close to your heart.  Happy Easter


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