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Family Lifestyle Photographer | Diamond Lake, WA

Oh summer, I welcome you with arms wide open and heart melting with gladness that you’re almost here.  The memories made in those three months are such treasures.  Perhaps this post stayed in draft status all winter just so I could begin the anticipation of all the adventuring that is so very close.  We spend a week every year at my aunt & uncle’s cabin in the little town of Newport that lays right on the border of Washington and Idaho.  It will forever be a place of true unplugged childhood delight for my kids and I love every minute of it.  KCB photography_0103KCB photography_0130 KCB photography_0104 KCB photography_0105 KCB photography_0125 KCB photography_0106 KCB photography_0107 KCB photography_0108 KCB photography_0109 KCB photography_0110 KCB photography_0111 KCB photography_0112 KCB photography_0113 KCB photography_0114 KCB photography_0115 KCB photography_0116 KCB photography_0117 KCB photography_0118 KCB photography_0124 KCB photography_0119 KCB photography_0121 KCB photography_0120 KCB photography_0126 KCB photography_0127 KCB photography_0122 KCB photography_0128

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