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Frozen Fun: Addison Celebrating 6!

Every year I decide this is the year we’ll forgo the party and just keep it low key.  And every year about a week before the birthday train comes around I cave and start the  frantic planning.  Some lessons are just tragically harder to learn than others.  I did try to convince Addison that a fun pool party or girls-day-out pedicure party would be the most fun EVER!  She wasn’t convinced.  All she wanted for her birthday was a Frozen party with her friends at our home.  Clearly she isn’t aware that Disney is holding all Frozen paraphernalia hostage until the release of the DVD in March.  Terrific.  Now I get to plan a themed party with no help at all from the party aisle.  My uber talented mother stepped up to the plate in a big giant Fairy Godmother way and made her an Elsa dress since there was not one to be found.  Since it is absolutely fabulous and not scratchy in the least, Addison won the golden ticket with that costume and I’m confidant she’ll wear it til it’s a rag.  Did I mention my sweet, fickle, newly six year old doesn’t actually like the movie Frozen?  It’s all about the dramatic songs and YouTube clips.  The fact that Prince Hans turns bad was just too much for her happily ever heart to handle.  I hear ya peanut little.  I hear ya.    In the end it was a super fun day and I’m glad we made it happen.  Huge shout out to Jenny of Jenny Cookies for the delightfully themed cookies & cupcakes, PagingSuperMom for their crafty Etsy Frozen downloads, Jennifer Brown for the creative Olaf bean bag toss and everyone else who made set up and party a breeze.  You know who you happy helpers are!  Only 363 days til we do it again…


We had about 5 minutes of snow the day before the party so we ran out and tried to embrace the theme.  I’m not gonna lie, it was with a loving determined heart that I forced her to participate.

2014-02-23_0001 2014-02-23_0002 2014-02-23_0003 2014-02-23_0005



It’s a proven face, no party is complete without a little dance party.  2014-02-24_0012

Pay no attention to the ginormous flame licking up the top of the cupcake.  Take two was much more successful without the cake topper.  2014-02-24_00132014-02-24_0002

And some well performed ‘Let it Go’ followed by what looks like the discovery of the holy grail (aka singing Frozen wand).  2014-02-24_0015

Party guests enjoying their party favors.  How cute are kids in scarves?


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