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Jamie & Ben: Engagement Session

It’s hard to not fall a little in love with these faces.  I mean there is something so endearing about those rolls of furry flat cuteness so devoted to their people.  What a delightful and truly enjoyable PNW day at the beach with this two cuties and their humans.  Looking forward to their wedding this June!KCB photography_0507KCB photography_0508KCB photography_0509KCB photography_0510KCB photography_0511KCB photography_0512KCB photography_0513KCB photography_0514KCB photography_0517KCB photography_0516KCB photography_0518KCB photography_0520KCB photography_0521KCB photography_0522KCB photography_0523KCB photography_0524KCB photography_0525KCB photography_0526KCB photography_0533KCB photography_0527KCB photography_0528KCB photography_0529KCB photography_0531KCB photography_0530KCB photography_0532KCB photography_0534KCB photography_0535KCB photography_0536

Hair: Laura Smith Wentworth

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