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Photography: Plain & Simple

Since I started out in education, I’m not sure why it took me so long to see how incredibly fun & rewarding it could be to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years with others.  Taking photos is SO.MUCH.FUN, and do you know what makes it more fun than a barrel of rainbow colored monkeys?  Feeling confidant and in control of your camera while doing it!  Our phones have become a convenient crutch that stand in the way of really embracing that shiny camera we may have purchased but never really took time to figure out.  If you’re anything like me manuals and reading the how-to’s are simply not going to happen.  Ever.  So getting your camera out, actively practicing and seeing results is the way to do it!  I had such a fantastic time on Saturday with a terrific group of ladies.  We had cameras out and lots time to practice while having the added bonus of making some new friends.  I’m already looking at calendar dates to see when we can make this happen again!

Every good class should have delicious snacks right?  Even better if they are pretty to photograph!

kellyclare photographykellyclare photographykellyclare photographyKCB photography_0447Woods Coffee  was gracious enough to donate a much needed caffeine hit to get the morning started on a perfectly roasted note.  kellyclare photography, woods coffee The cake & cookies Jenny Cookies was thoughtful to provide were as tasty as they were perfect for practice photographing in different light or aperture.  Having something so pretty to photograph definitely makes the whole learning process more enjoyable.
kellyclare photography, jenny cookiesKCB photography_0443 These oh-so-cute bundled journals & pens were such a sweet take-away provided for each attendee by my friend Nicole of Gracie Paper.  The binding and cover is so thick & luscious.  Yes it is luscious, very rich and providing great sensory pleasure.  :o)gracie paper, kellyclare photographyKCB photography_0448KCB photography_0444 Every attendee received a workbook because seriously it doesn’t matter how well you absorb information it is always necessary to have something you can refer back to for help.  The lovely Harper Gray designs created the cover and I LOVE it.  I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but honestly, I always do.  And this cover beckons me to read it.  KCB photography_0441 My two sweet things were brought in as models for the last 20 minutes to practice some shutter speed options.  It was nice to have some live bodies to move around.  I made sure Addison wore her new super twirly dress from Lularoe and it was perfect. KCB photography_0446KCB photography_0449Thank you ladies for making the class such a success!  Be sure to be on the lookout for the next class in April.

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