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Spring Break Adventures: Ice Caves + Peshastin Pinnacles

I have set a goal for my kids.  By summer’s end Landon & Addison will be ready and enthusiastic (because attitude counts!) about summiting Mt Pilchuck with me.   I’ve always enjoyed hiking and have decided that they have finally reached the ages to tackle the dream alongside me.   We started our super fun outdoor training over spring break taking on Mt. Erie, Ice Caves (a bit premature for the season), and Peshastin Pinnacles.  I am so proud of them and their tenacity.  I’m pretty sure they are completely done with mom’s catch phrases, triggered by any form of discontent, and so climb upward with smiles on their faces to humor me.  Who knows, maybe they’ll come to love it as much as I do.  If I look hard enough, I think I might see Rainier in our future… Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera to Mt. Erie.  Epic fail, I know.  Just means we have to do it again.  Ice Caves with the Duncs was quite the adventure.  Turns out, the trail isn’t exactly ready for adventures.  At least not adventurers in tennis shoes & shorts.  We didn’t let a little (or a lot) of snow & wet feet stand in the way of fun. IMG_6198 IMG_6205IMG_6317IMG_6298IMG_6283 IMG_6275 IMG_6234 IMG_6262 IMG_6227IMG_6320 IMG_6322 IMG_6333 IMG_6337 IMG_6365 IMG_6386 Ice Caves   Road trip to Leavenworth!  There is something pretty special about watching your kids play with your childhood friend’s kids.  Next generation and all that.  I’ve been friends with Carrie since friendship bracelets and New Kids on the Block singing about The Right Stuff. IMG_6397 IMG_6405 IMG_6410 IMG_6414 IMG_6422 Peshastin pinnacles

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